Kuzin E. N.

Doctor of Agriculture, Professor of the Department of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Chemistry, FSBEI Penza State University of Agriculture

He was born in Muchkapsky village, Tambov region on July 20, 1948.
In 1975 he graduated from the agricultural faculty of Penza Agricultural Institute.
In the same year he became a junior research associate and started postgraduate education at the Department of Soil Science and Agrochemistry.

In March 1982 he passed his thesis on the topic of "Changes of leached black soil composition and properties in           inter-row spacing of fruit-bearing garden in case of different ways its keeping " in Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy. In 1999 he defended his doctor dissertation at Saratov Agricultural University named after Vavilov on the topic of "Agrobiological basis for the application of various meliorations on leached black soil of the Middle Volga region". In 2000, E. N. Kuzin got the academic degree of a professor. In 2001 he was awarded the title of "Soros Professor".
From 1988 to 1995, Evgeniy Nikolayevich was the Dean Deputy of the Agrarian Department for teaching and educational work and distance education. He is head of the Penza branch of the All-Russian Dokuchaev Society of Soil Scientists. Since 1995, he has worked as a manager, and since 2010 as a professor at the Department of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of Penza State University.
He has supervised more than 150 agronomist scientists, two doctors and nine candidates.
Works performed under the guidance of E. N. Kuzin were demonstrated in the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow and were awarded diplomas, and the team of authors was awarded medals of "Laureate of All-Russia Exhibition Center".
He supervises research on the trends and conditions of anthropogenic degradation of black soils, the influence of polymer, biological and chemical melioration on the agrochemical and agrophysical properties of black soil. He developed methods of biological, chemical and polymeric melioration on leached black soil in the conditions of the forest steppe of the Middle Volga region. He annually makes reports at international scientific conferences and symposia.
He has published over 240 scientific articles, production recommendations, including eight monographs and seven textbooks.