Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Laboratory for the use of agrochemicals in vegetable seed production Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "Federal Scientific Center for Vegetable Growing"

I Date and place of birth: August 29, 1966, Ega village, Sosnovoborsky district of Penza region.

Education: Penza Agricultural Institute, 1987, scientist agronomist

The main stages of the professional path: 1989-1992 - postgraduate studies at Research Institute of Potato Farming

1992-2007 - work in Penza Agricultural Institute: assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, professor

2007 - present - All-Union (All-Russian) Research Institute of Selection and Seed production of Vegetable Crops

Place of work: All-Union (All-Russian) Research Institute of Selection and Seed production of Vegetable Crops, head of the laboratory and analytical center

Scientific degree: Doctor of Biology (1999).

Academic title: Professor (2001).

The topic of the doctoral dissertation: Organic substance of soils of the forest-steppe of the Volga Upland and ways of its improvement (1999)

Scientific interests: Agronomy, agrochemistry, vegetable growing, soil science

Publications: 290 articles

1. Nadezhkin S.M, Lebedeva T.B., Nadezhkina E.V. Ecological aspects of black soil liming . Moscow, Agroconsult, 2005, 276 p.

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5. Koshevarov A.A., Nadezhkin S.M., Agafonov A.F. Change of economically valuable qualities of winter garlic under the influence of mineral fertilizers // Soil Fertility. 2012.- №. 6.- P. 14-15

Membership in international scientific and public organizations: Member of the Presidium of the Commonwealth of Agrochemists and Agroecologists "AgrokhimekoSodruzhestvo".