Pakhomova Valentina Mikhaylovna

Пахомова В. М.

Doctor of biological sciences,
Professor, head of Department of botany
and plant physiology of Kazan state
agricultural university

Born in 1959.

Specialist in the field of the theory of stress, the author of more than 160 scientific works, including 4 monographs, 1 scientific-practical reference book, 17 manuals, about 50 articles in journals, peer-reviewed by Higher Attestation Commission, 1 article in the international journal of science, a patent for an invention.

From general biological positions she based the protective-adaptive value of the status of the physiological depression of cells  in conditions of stress, the formation of polyfunctional compounds having a stress-limiting effect and regulating anabolic processes of cells in the stage of resistance during the catabolism, she described the General regularities of the functioning of Biosystems under starvation conditions, has developed the theoretical basis of using cut off roots of plants as a simple and convenient model of studying of the pathological stress of Biosystems, formulated the principle of determinism of the physiological condition of the cells and their reactivity of structural and functional state of membranes and the degree of energization of cells, she based the modern concept of stress and adaptive strategies of living systems.

She was the first to obtain the information about the possibility of the development of ketosis of plant tissues in the conditions of starvation and to offer its Express-diagnostics of the possibility of transition of mitochondria in the cells of plants to stress and the regulation of stress-reaction of cells of plants with the help of universal adaptogens.

At the present time the scientific work of Pakhomova V.M. is devoted to the study of the interconnection of production changes of active forms of oxygen, peroxide oxidation of lipids and the work of the antioxidant system of the plant cells under the action of various stressors. Special attention is paid to the screening of substances with antioxidant effect, and the study of the mechanism of their action. Pakhomova V.M. has developed a new direction in the plant - growing-theoretical substantiation of practical use of drugs with an antioxidant mechanism of action with the purpose of the increase of short-term and prolonged stress resistance and the stabilization of the genetic apparatus of cells of plants.  The position of the key roles of the copper, zinc, manganese and iron-containing drugs in the increase of non-specific resistance of plants and the quality of agricultural products was put forward.

The scientific work of Pakhomova V.M. was supported by grants of the International scientific Foundation in the field of the exact Sciences, the International Soros education program in connection with the rank of «Soros associate Professor» and «Soros Professor»,  Fund R & D of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Russian Foundation for basic research, Government RT, state scientific scholarship RAS (scientific area - general biology and biological problems of agriculture, 2000-2003). In 2006, for a cycle of works on the study of physiological mechanisms of adaptation of plants to stress factors of the environment and the development of methods of diagnostics of the state and the reserve capacity of the plants  (by the example of spring wheat), Pakhomova V.N. was awarded a Gold medal of Russian Academy of agriculture named after K.A. Timiryazev. She passed a scientific-pedagogical training in the UK and in the RSAU-MAA named after K.A. Timiryazev.

Three candidates dissertations were defended under her leadership.

Expert of the scientific-technical Council under the Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Agriculture and Food Products of the Republic of Tatarstan, the member of the editorial team of scientific journal «Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University», the expert of National Accreditation Agency.