Stekolnikov Anatoly Alexandrovich

Стекольников А.А.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor,
Head of the Department of General and Private Surgery, Rector of FSBEI HE St. Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine

Stekolnikov Anatoly Alexandrovich graduated from the Ural Agricultural Technical College, where he mastered the specialty of veterinary medicine, in 1974. After graduating with honors from Leningrad Veterinary Institute in 1982, he started postgraduate education at the Department of General and Private Surgery and in 1986 passed his thesis on the topic: "The use of blood irradiated with ultraviolet rays to increase the resistance of the cattle organism." Sequentially, he held the positions of an assistant, a senior lecturer, an assistant professor of the department, a doctoral student of the department. In 1994 he passed his doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Surgical access to the lymphatic collectors of the pig's uterus and mammary glands, the development of methods for obtaining lymph from them, the study of the morphological and biochemical composition of lymph in the normal condition and in case of inflammation." In 1997, he was promoted to the academic title of Professor of the department. 17 candidate and 3 doctoral dissertations were defended under his supervision. Currently, he supervises the work of 6 post-graduate students. In December 2003 A.A. Stekolnikov was elected as Rector of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine. He successfully combines the responsibilities of the rector of the Academy with teaching, educational, methodical, scientific and practical activities. A.A. Stekolnikov is the successor of the veterinary school of lymphology. Presently, the main direction of the scientific work of the department, headed by A.A. Stekolnikov, is surgical pathology and its in-depth study involving various research methods (clinical, morphological, biochemical, histological, radiological, bacteriological, etc.). A.A. Stekolnikov is Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation (2007), Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation (2006), Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2014), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2016).

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